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Welcome to Mowbray Maternity Hospital


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Maternal Care

Mowbray Maternity Hospital provides extensive care and support for expecting mothers, looking after you and your unborn child from the moment you book in with us, helping you through your labour and delivery, and giving you all the necessary care and support after you’ve given birth.


Newborn Care

Should any complications arise with your newborn baby, rest assured you are in good hands, and that with our state of the art facilities and highly trained nurses, neonatologists and pediatricians, everything will be done to nurse your baby back to health.


Breast Milk Bank

We believe it is vital that babies are fed breast milk rather than formula milk, and provide breast milk for babies whose mothers aren’t able to provide (or provide enough).


Counselling and Support Groups

Our team of social workers offer a wide range of services both to the hospital and to the community at large, including counseling for hospital patients, training for staff, support groups and outreach programmes, and addressing situations where children are at risk.


Outreach and Support Services

We partner with, and provide clinical support to a number of maternity units in the community such as at Retreat, Gugulethu, False Bay, Mitchells Plain, and Hanover Park. The Department of Health endorses outreach programmes such as this as a way to ensure that all women receive high quality obstetric and neonatal services.